Guest Blogger Charlene Tipton and FamilyToday, TwinParenthood is proud to announce the addition of occasional guest Blogger, Charlene Tipton!

Charlene and her husband Brad, live in Savannah, Georgia. She has 20-month-old fraternal twin girls, Gwyneth & Avery.  She enjoys being a stay at home mom and watching her girls learn new things every day.  “Having twins was never a thought,” says Charlene, “but they are amazing & have taught me so much.”

We hope you enjoy her first installment!

To Leash or Not to Leash?

~Guest Post, Charlene Tipton

Leashes for Twins - Monkey BackpacksRecently, the buying of child harnesses (or leashes) has been up for discussion in my house.  When I first brought it up to my husband Brad, he looked at me like I had 3 heads.  Then basically telling me he’s more on the no side.  I, being on the maybe side, decided to start doing some homework on the subject. 

First asking around.  At my latest Mom’s Night Out with my multiples group – I got a yes. 

Then I started looking on different websites.  Figuring that I would see more negative than positive, I was surprised to see that most parents were pro harness.  Parents were also assured when they saw other children with harnesses on because the parents were taking an active role in their safety. Surprised by these opinions?  I was!

The only negative I read was parents would hear remarks from others walking by or boldly told they were harming their child.

After telling my husband what I had learned he was more on board with the idea.  Also, meeting a family with twin girls a month older than ours, and seeing them with them on helped. 

Twins on a LeashWhich one do I buy?  We’re fans of the harnesses with animals on them.  One person had the idea of flipping them around.  Putting the animal on the child’s front instead of back.  So it’s like they are holding the animal.  My girls are all about carrying stuff right now, so we’ll be trying that. There are different varieties:  lion, monkey, cow, ladybug, alligator, backpacks, clips to close, Velcro to close, close at chest, close at waist, detachable tail (leash).  You can find all different kinds on the web. 

I’ll be buying 2 at my local baby store, probably two monkeys.  This weekend we’ll be going to the Atlanta Aquarium.  I’m sure they will come in handy. 


Do you use harnesses with your twins? What brands are best?