Guest Post: Twins and the City

~ Charlene Tipton

Charlene and her husband Brad, live in Savannah, Georgia. She has 20-month-old fraternal twin girls, Gwyneth & Avery.  She enjoys being a stay at home mom and watching her girls learn new things every day.  “Having twins was never a thought,” says Charlene, “but they are amazing & have taught me so much.”

Double Umbrella Stroller - TwinsThis past weekend my husband and I went to Boston for a kid free, long weekend.  As we were enjoying our time, riding the T (subway) and taking taxis from place to place; we started to think about how we would navigate a big city with our girls and all the “stuff” we typically take along with us. Since both of us have always lived where driving is how you travel from A to B, many questions came to mind.

Wandering about Boston we saw families, Mom’s with strollers, Mom’s with kids, nannies with strollers… all sorts of kid scenarios.  Riding the subway we mostly saw adults, and kids old enough to walk around from place to place on their own.  Occasionally we saw someone with a single stroller or umbrella stroller.  Taking the subway to dinner one night we really started to think about this. 

  1. Getting down to the train: Usually there are stairs to get down to the walkways underground.  Some of the entrances had elevators but not all.  Once you get down to the walkways, most had elevators to get down to the platform you need to catch your train.
  2. Getting on the train: Like trying to get on an elevator in a building, most people crowd around the entrance to the train.  It can be hard for an adult to get on the train, never the less a double stroller.
  3. Taxis: Do you carry car seats/booster seats and strollers (if needed) with you whenever you leave the house?  Are taxis set up with the latch system? Can the whole family fit in one taxi?

Living in the city or not, efficiency seems to be key when navigating with twins. What are some solutions or tips to these issues?  What is the “best” way to navigate a big city with twinfants?