Anyone with twins, triplets, or more, knows how difficult it is to take a break. Life with multiples is just tough – and leaving them in someone else’s care is hard. When you have intimate knowledge of how difficult, tiring, and crazy it is to take care of twins for a full day or two, you are limited in your abilities to just get away and leave someone else to the pain of everyday life. Please don’t get me wrong – I love my kids very much, but they are a handful.

So, when the opportunity to head to LA for a twitter party on the set of CBS’ hit show, “Accidentally on Purpose” came along, we jumped at the chance while we scrambled to line up childcare. We are incredibly blessed to have my mother living nearby, and despite her age (80) she is more than willing to watch our “zoo”. She has been an integral part of our twin parenthood. Fortunately, she is healthy and more than capable – but we still didn’t want to overburden her. So we planned to make it a quick trip.

Flying out of Seattle on Friday morning at 0-dark thirty brought us to LA in time to hit Universal Studios before our twitter party at 4:00. Universal Studios in the off season can’t be beat. We were able to hit 2 attractions (Shrek 4-D, and The Mummy) with no wait, before hustling off to Studio City. We planned to arrive early because the first thing on the agenda was to meet the cast (something we didn’t want to miss).

Upon arrival, Security stopped us, saying we weren’t “on the list”. They asked us to exit the parking garage and call our studio contact person. Our early arrival at the studio melted away as we made one desperate call after another. Apparently, my “fast food curse” was spreading. Every single time we eat fast food, my order is always messed up – something left off, the wrong thing in the bag, you name it. And now, it was spreading to other areas of my life. Argh!!

Fortunately, our studio host, Mitch, came through for us – and we made it on the lot. Our first stop was a fantastic dinner buffet where we ate dinner with the cast from the show. Each of the actors took the time to come sit with all of us “twitter folk”. What a classy group they are — really interesting to talk with, and willing to share their opinions and time.

Jenna Elfman is Pregnant in Real Life

After our meal, we invaded the writer’s room. Now there’s my dream job. I would love to write for a tv show – but, alas, I’m just not as funny as that talented group. While we all chatted with the writers, we got to learn more about the awesome group of bloggers in our group. It is truly inspiring to hear about all the unique things happening in the blogosphere. And yet, that diversity can all come together for a twitter party on the set of Accidentally On Purpose. Humor is universal. We enjoyed the banter and noticed several of the writers taking notes. We hope to see some jokes on the show that we can trace back to those conversations.

Next stop was the set, where we enjoyed watching the filming of the show. We were surprised and pleased to be able to tour the set and watch behind the cameras as several scenes were filmed. The actors continued to be friendly and would come up and chat between takes. Jenna Elfman was amazing. Always friendly and tolerant of all the pictures being snapped of her and her sweet son.

I have to admit that I wasn’t sold on Accidentally On Purpose before our trip. I’ve always liked Jenna Elfman, but the concept was a bit disturbing to me. A tv show that trivializes the importance of having a baby – by treating it as comedy and featuring a single woman who had a one night stand with a much younger man, was going to have to show me some redeeming moral messages before I was going to endorse it.

And that is exactly what they have done. These characters are coming to realize the importance of their situation. And while the circumstances of their lives are the fodder for comedy, each show has, so far, managed to bring the characters full circle as they think twice about perpetuating the mistakes that put them in this situation in the first place.


So… bottom line… my fantastic trip to the set of Accidentally On Purpose, meeting the cast, and the writers’ decision to let the sobering idea of having a baby really have an impact on the characters lifestyle choices has made me a fan of the show. If they stay the course, I’ll remain a fan of the show. Thank you for a great time and a funny show, Accidentally On Purpose. You’ve earned a fan in me.

Copyright 2009 – / Kathryn Whiteley